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Rye Maple Barrel Aged Gin

Rye Maple Barrel Aged Gin


Introducing the fourth release in our Barrel Aged Series... our Rye Maple Barrel Aged Gin. 


For our Barrel Aged Series, we created a gin especially designed for aging. Featuring juniper, cassia bark, orris root and wattle seed, it’s the perfect starting place for great flavour to come. Each expression in our Barrel Aged Series sees this gin enriched by the history of the barrel. Our Barrel Aged Series is not just a gin that's been aged, its a truely innovative category bridging the gap between gin & whisky. Or as we say, a gin for whisky lovers.


These barrels have been on quite the journey. Starting their life with American Rye Whisky then travelling to Canada to age Maple Syrup before finding themselves on our doorstep. They arrived coated in maple syrup, which if you were lucky enough to nab a bottle of our Bourbon Maple Cask you know how well those flavours complement our barrel aged gin. After maturation, the result is a rich, layered spirit with the rye adding its characteristic spicy profile to the gin while the beautifully sweet notes of the maple linger on the palate. A marriage of flavours that is one to sip and savour.


700ml, 44.9% ABV.

  • Pour up a glass.

    This deliciously rich gin is best enjoyed like a whisky. Neat, on the rocks, topped up with ginger beer or shaken up in a sour.. For more ideas on how to mix this special gin head to our cocktail page here.