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Two Aussies set off on a trip around the world and along the way Finders Distillery was born. With a commitment to finding the best ingredients, we invite everyone to come on the Finders journey with us. Discover something new with our location series or find comfort in tradition with our take on the classics.

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Our little distillery is housed in an industrial unit in St Leonards, on Sydney's North Shore. It is at this location that every bottle of Finders Distillery product is produced.

We use a 300L copper pot still and create each batch individually. We run all of our ingredients in a single distillation, using an exact quantity of each ingredient to produce the perfect taste. We dilute our spirit to drinking strength using water that has been through our multi-stage filtration system. We then bottle, seal, label and package all our products by hand, under the same roof.



Finders Distillery was created out of a love for craft products, fine produce and travel. Finders Distillery aims to create more than just a product, but a story of Australian produce worth sharing.

Finders Distillery’s Australian Dry Gin and Australian Vodka are the backbone of our distillery and will help you start the Finders Journey. They are made in a classic style with an Australian twist. Wattle Seed and Native Gum were carefully selected for the beautifully complex yet smooth mouthfeel they add to our gin. As an added bonus these two botanicals are native to the North Sydney area we call home. The Australian Dry Gin and Vodka are our core products and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Our location series is a very important part of who we are at Finders Distillery. For this series of products, we will be sourcing botanicals from a specific Australian region and creating a bespoke spirit highlighting both the local ingredients and the towns they come from. We hope you will enjoy following along for the creation of each release with us.

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Kyle and Georgia have both enjoyed successful careers in their fields. Kyle learnt his trade in engineering with the Australian Airforce and went on to spend 10 years working on military aircraft. Georgia started her career as a buyer in women’s fashion and later moved into the alcohol industry.

In 2016 Kyle and Georgia resigned from their jobs, sold almost everything they owned and set off on a two year, around the world trip. Whilst travelling there seemed to be a common occurrence; visiting distilleries and trying local produce. The idea for Finders Distillery was born.

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