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Bourbon Maple Barrel Aged Gin

Bourbon Maple Barrel Aged Gin


Introducing the first release in our Barrel Aged Series... our Bourbon Maple Barrel Aged Gin.


For our barrel aged series, we created a gin especially designed for aging. Featuring juniper, cassia bark, orris root and wattle seed, it’s the perfect starting place for great flavour to come. Each expression in our barrel aged series sees this gin enriched by the history of the barrel.


The ex-bourbon barrels were dripping in maple syrup when they arrived at our doorstep, a glimpse at the exceptional depth of flavour. After maturation, the result is a rich complex spirit that is unmistakably maple in aroma with residual bourbon characters complementing the cinnamon, pine & earthy notes from the gin.


This is a very limited batch so get in quick!


700ml, 44.6% ABV.

  • Second Batch Release

    We have a two Bourbon Maple Barrels currently resting with spirit in them at the distillery. The second release will again be a very limited batch. If you would like to be the first to hear when we release our spirits please subscribe to our mailing list.


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