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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

In our previous blog post The Finders Journey – Location Series Release 1, we introduced you to our first spirit in the Finders Location Series, our Native Red Lime Gin.

The long awaited second release in our Location Series is a Bold Blackberry Gin Liqueur that has been over two years in the making! It was the first concept we came up with for the series and we’ve spent the last two years perfecting the recipe until we had an all-natural gin liqueur that truly showcased the bold flavour of the blackberries.

For this spirit we took our award winning Australian Dry Gin & steeped it with Huntley Berry Farm Blackberries from Orange, NSW. The Huntley Berry Farm is a not-for-profit that employs workers through the Australian Disability Enterprise scheme. This is a pick your own produce farm, and we actually hand-picked all the berries used in our Bold Blackberry Gin Liqueur ourselves! It was a great day at the farm and a special part about making this spirit. Anyone can visit the farm, and I highly recommend a day trip if you are visiting Orange.

The end result is a sweet, slightly tart spirit, with notes of vanilla over the rich blackberry flavour. It’s a decadent dessert gin that is delicious down to the last drop.

Our Bold Blackberry Gin Liqueur was made free of any synthetic colours or flavourings, so it will evolve over time, but it never goes bad. If you enjoy it fresh, bright and fruity, enjoy it within 3-6 months of opening and store it in the fridge. If you let it age in the bottle you will notice the bright purple/red colour fade and the flavour will develop more of a tart taste. We recommend enjoying, rather than saving this delicious drop.

We used traditional pressing and steeping techniques to impart as much of the blackberry flavour as we could into the final spirit . Take a look at the video we made about the creation of our Bold Blackberry Gin Liqueur below to see how it came to life.

As always with our Location Series products the focus for us is not just on the spirit, but also the region the produce came from. With Orange being famed for its rich, produce yielding soils there was always going to be something we could feature in a spirit from this region. A bustling country town with an endless list of things to do from winery tours, to award winning restaurants or even mountain biking and hot balloon rides if you’re more adventurous. There is a host of food and wine festivals on throughout the year to plan a trip around. Get some inspiration for your next trip here

Finders Distillery, more than just a product, but a story of Australian produce worth sharing.

Imagery by Tobias Fenn.


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